Oregon Mission Coalition

Oregon Mission Coalition exists to support multiplying churches in every community.

Equipping local cohorts with training and resources for replanting, revitalization, and multiplication.

Oregon Mission Coalition existe para apoyar las iglesias multiplicadoras localizadas en cada comunidad.

Estamos para equipar cada grupo local por medio de entrenamientos, y recursos para la replantación, revilitar y multiplicación de iglesias.



Church Replanting: the rescue, redemption and restoration of a church at or near the point of death, by the power of the Holy Spirit, for the glory of God and the good of the community.


Because a local church is intended to represent the work of God in a community, when that church "loses it saltiness," not only is God's work pictured as irrelevant in that community, but also dishonor and disrepute may well become associated with God's name as a result.
-Mark Clifton

Is your church struggling to embrace a changing culture and community?
Is your membership dwindling because of frustration, confusion, and exhaustion?
You are not alone. There is hope.



  • Team Leader - Bruce Sloan

    Church Health Survey is interviewing the congregation about the Church and who they are in their own words.

  • Team Leader - Ron Allen

    Community Study - In-depth look at the community, studying its Spirituality, Social Dynamics, Economic Issues, Physical Environment, Formation of Transitional Leadership Team, Recruitment of Replant Team and Local Sponsor and Coach.

  • Team Leader - Randy Burrows

    Preparing the Congregation to Accept Change. Assign Intentional Interim and Targeted Bible Studies (Flickering Lamps, Made For More).

  • Team Leader - Jerry Horne

    Install Financial Program and Procedures for Consistency, Accountability, and Transparency. Review all web-based platforms and establish relationship with OMC Communications Director.

  • Team Leader - John Peters

    Installation of Replanter and establishing Send Network Training and Ongoing Coaching. Residency Program.

Oregon Mission Coalition

None of the work we do at the Oregon Mission Coalition would be possible without God moving the hearts of our people to give. Your generosity helps plant and replant churches throughout the state of Oregon.