resonate - western oregon university

Monmouth, OR

Colin & Jessi Luoma


Colin Luoma grew up in the church but didn't become a Christian until college. In college, he was a part of a collegiate church plant called Resonate. After school, he joined staff and in 2017 he and his wife Jessi led a team to plant Resonate Church Monmouth on the Western Oregon University campus. 

Monmouth, Oregon is a community of about 20,000 (including a town called Independence that is attached to Monmouth with nothing separating the two towns) and home to Western Oregon University. There are about 7,000 students who attend WOU.

Resonate church is a church planting network that began in 2007 in Pullman, WA. Their vision is to see every college town in the northwest and beyond with a multiplying, gospel-centered church. The current goal is to plant 21 churches by 2021.  As a network, they have 11 sites in 8 cities, with four more churches being planted in 2019. Since beginning, Resonate network has baptized over 900 individuals. 

The Monmouth location itself has baptized 31 people and are planning to eclipse 40 people baptized by the end of next month. God has grown the church to 150 in small groups and 130 in Sunday attendance over two gatherings.  Resonate Church Monmouth is the network’s first third-generation church plant. Next year this site is preparing to send out their very own church planting team - which will be the network’s first fourth-generation church plant! Also, in the next year there are plans to begin another site in Monmouth to reach the broader city, with the end result of one site on campus and one in downtown!